Tuesday, 11 September 2012

MEMO TO A NEW BRIDE by Naomi Elana Zener

Congratulations on reaching your milestone birthday!
A legal gift awaits you, open it with haste, don't delay.
White dress, white veil, you are unsullied and pristine,
Gold band will bind you to your husband aged thirteen.
Young girl, your time playing with Barbie has expired,
Marriage at nine is the fate in which you are mired.
Hand over your dolls, your puzzles and every book,
Your mission: please hubby for whom you must now cook.
Delight in the knowledge that he may have some education,
The price paid for your hand prevents your family's starvation.
This stud we have chosen will bless you with many children,
Fear not sex inflammation for it can be cured with Voltaren.
'What is sex?' you may ask all confused and perplexed,
A new wifely duty where hubby's masculinity is flexed.
Refusal of this burden, fighting your fate is absurd,
To protest is fruitless, your cries will go unheard.
Be grateful a man of thirty was not selected for you,
With a first wife in tow, her children to care for too.
If you thought boys only reach puberty at aged fifteen,
For male potency 'tis but a number, an average, a mean.
Besides, you should not know such information living in a state of repression.
As a female, you follow man's orders, your role is to accept, not to question.
Regardless of age, the blooming boy will rise to the occasion,
On your back is your position in the marriage equation.
If you've read that early marriage could cause you to die,
Fabrication! A heretic rumour to ignore, it is but a lie!
Trust your elders, your faith, religion would never lead you astray,
Over your soul, for your safety we do nothing but pray.
To decline our legal marital offer that stems from piety,
Leaves but the alternative to be ostracized from society.

[For source of inspiration see: http://m.digitaljournal.com/article/329317]

© 2012. Naomi Elana Zener. All rights reserved.