Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Strike! by Naomi Elana Zener

Unappreciated, under-valued and taken for granted,
Overworked, lack of sleep, her perspective now slanted.
Fresh off the mat leave coaster with no more tickets to ride,
Back at work, stretched thin and stressed, under her desk she hides.
Home offers no respite, for her nightly job upon return there commences,
Childcare, cooking, cleaning, wifely duties are the services she dispenses.
Jealous of husband's long boys’ club liquid lunches at the office,
Returning home inebriated from day's work turning house into hospice.
Baby craving mama's attention, songs, stories, crawling on floor,
Post-partum hips travel slowly, youthful spring to step enjoyed no more.
Examining depressively fresh crow's feet that domiciled on her aging face,
New grey hairs growing daily necessitates repeat dye jobs at a rapid pace.
Empathy lacking, husband suggests she's still carrying baby weight,
"Perhaps try Herbal Magic honey and place less food on your plate."
Nary a footrub, bubble bath or accolade is doled out by her generous husband,
To not file divorce papers in return requires all strength to be summoned.
Fed up, no union rep to grieve to, job action is her sole choice,
A strike declaration was made through her newfound voice.
"I want a day to be babied, fed, have naptime and play,
To frolic with abandon, from my responsibilities run away!
Hubby, no more snoozy boozy meals, return home promptly by five.
I'm enrolling in mommy daycare, to find respite in order to survive.
Of baby I am envious, so with her for a day I will trade places,
I'll rejuvenate, regain my youth from her classmates shiny faces."
Fresh with hope of a day anew, daycare's promise of an oasis,
To restore balance and return to a state of homeostasis.
The exuberance of youth was infectious upon arriving,
However, baby/toddler crying and screaming was less than inspiring.
The smell of unpotty trained diapers punctuated the air,
Ban on aerosal spray, meant no air freshener to spare.
Reprimanded for sereptitious shpritzes of random purse perfume,
Crafting led to glued hair and her getting high off the fumes.
The break for a snack had serendipitous timing,
Bailey's siren call from her sippycup was beguiling.
Naptime cushioned her drunk head from the mid-morning refresher,
But curled up in a playpen on her neck put unending pressure.
Five o'clock held the promise of release from being imprisoned,
For daycare was not the panacea or relief she had envisioned.
By day's end she was ready with gusto to return to work,
Aware not having to care for baby all day was a welcome perk.
Happy to enjoy the mental stimulation from her career,
Like her husband she decided to enjoy a ritual end of day beer.
Top priority was to hire a housekeeper to tend to each domestic task,
Not expecting assistance from her husband whom she loathed to ask.
Alleviated from the shackles of housewife expectation,
Post-office now relaxed she’d stimulate her baby's fascination.
As for hubby, no cure could remedy his lousy personality traits,
But, distraction came from registering for Ashley Madison dates.

© 2012. Naomi Elana Zener. All rights reserved.

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