Thursday, 3 April 2014


Author and Open Book reader Naomi Elana Zener tells us about moments of creative inspiration and her forthcoming debut novel, Deathbed Dimes
You could be walking, alone with your thoughts. Or, you could be watching television, numbing out your mind listening to the lines delivered by actors’ mouths designed to entertain you. Then, in a split-second, your breath is swept away and it clicks and comes to you. Inspiration strikes. For a writer it's like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For my non-writer friends, I tell them that the moment is akin to when a person makes a decision, whether it has to do with what to eat for dinner, what movie to see, or when they knew it was time to ask their partner for a divorce. It’s in that moment when a writer simply knows that they’ve found something to write about and they hope that they have a laptop, a smart phone or even a pen and something to write on nearby. A rock and chisel will do, if need be, and a writer of speculative fiction may resort to using his or her own blood.
I walk around, weighed down by my laptop, notebook and iPhone, amongst the other non-writerly essentials in my bag, such as a wallet to pay for the caffeinated fuel to keep me going on a writing bender, photos of my kids to remind me to stop and remember what is most important in life and my business cards, since I never know who I’ll meet by happenstance who could alter the course of my future. I’ve found inspiration in the way someone looks at me, in an article I’ve read, in a conversation I’ve had wherein I’m doling out unsolicited dating advice (and having been out of the dating pool for almost thirteen years, I’m probably in no position to dispense any), in an amusing exchange between my husband and I, or even in what I hear other people talk about, as I insouciantly eavesdrop on their conversation in my best stealthy spy mode. The list could go on forever.
When I write satire pieces for my fiction blog,, they are almost invariably the product of my skewering politics, society, religion, economics, relationships or any other thing that happens to rub me the wrong way on any given day and is ripe for parody. For my articles on Erica Ehm’s Yummy Mummy Club, the catalyst provided by other people’s parenting styles, attitudes and judgment, stimulates my musings. Last, in the world of fiction where I write my novels, it is where my humour, life experiences, legal background, and simply being a living and breathing humanoid intersect. It is where I live with my characters, who keep me company day in and day out, many a time telling me what to write, leading me to wonder sometimes if I’d make for an excellent candidate in a loony bin.
At the end of the day, every writer is inspired by something, be it an object, a sound, or a visceral experience. We rue the day when we stare at a blank page that we cannot fill with black-inked words. Luckily, the writer’s disease that shall not be named has yet to visit my brain, and I hope it never plagues me. So, I go on, writing one piece at a time, sometimes several simultaneously, hoping to entertain the masses by conveying meaning through intelligent humourous pieces that readers see fit to share with others.
My debut novel, Deathbed Dimes, is going to be published & released on May 30, 2014
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