Friday, 6 January 2017

For the Love of Shoes

There was woman who loved fashion
But for her shoes were her number one passion.
Manolo, Prada, Hardy and Miu Miu,
Clergerie, Fendi and Monsieur Jimmy Choo.
Once worn they made her feet dance
But only if produced in Italy or France.
A petite 6.5 size in her favourites she wore,
Luckily for her they tended to always be in store.
Then one day she was told she was with child,
A remarkable moment that made her smile.
As the days flowed by and her belly grew,
A not-so-nice surprise her feet did too.
From 6.5 she grew to a seven,
But when they hit an 8 she was no longer in heaven.
For all her lovely shoe art remained in her closet hibernating,
Only flip flops fit oh how her feet were swollen and aching.
Nine months and eight hours of labour later her daughter emerged. 
A beneficiary of her Imelda-worthy collection - how her elation surged!
With ice-packs on hand to reduce her swelling,
Shrink back to a 6.5 to her feet she was telling.
For I must wear my shoes until I pass the torch to my daughter!

But then she thought what if she inherited her feet from her father?

© 2017. Naomi Elana Zener. All Rights Reserved.