Saturday, 11 March 2017


I always lived a life rich in culture,
A lover of art, mostly paintings and sculpture.
To museums I'd jaunt in any spare hour,
Mesmerized by the tableaus in every corner I'd scour.
Pollock, Dix, Manet, Rothko, Bacon and Twombly,
Curator may I take them home with me?
To commemorate my marriage my art collection commenced
My husband participating noting every cent spent.
Costly to acquire but priceless in value
From no destruction or loss was there any rescue.
Excited by the news of my pregnancy,
I'd share these treasures with my child growing in me.
A promise made upon my little angel's arrival,
Her creative spirit I swore never to stifle.
Each day she would soak in the panopoly of images.
The abstract shapes, vibrant colours and figurative visages.
When her first paint set came from Granny,
What would she draw we could not wait to see.
Left alone in quiet contemplation,
We gave her freedom to find inspiration.
A landscape? A still life? Or something surreal?
No matter the subject we'd love it with zeal~
Would my petite artiste be the next Picasso?
Anything her mind conjured I woud love it so!
Returning to unveil her inaugural creation,
We discovered something beyond expectation.
Rather than render a new design,
Princess decided to improve one of mine!
An abstract colourless geometrical print no longer,
Now transformed into a vibrant red and yellow pointilist watercolour!
Elation, rage, bargaining, denial, and depression,
I landed on my therapist's couch as a result of her newfound expression.
Life before-child was being mourned - woe to me! 
Head doctor said “Accept your new reality.”
Home I returned to put the paints out of baby's reach,
Until the value of each piece of art to my daughter I'd teach.
Trying to find peace in the death of my once invaluable painting,
I tried to uncover her hidden talent without collapsing and fainting.
Moral of the story - keep your valuable goods stored away,

Or you'll be selling your new post-modern versions like me on Ebay!

(C) 2017. Naomi Elana Zener. All Rights Reserved.