Sunday, 24 November 2019

Nanny Park by Naomi Elana Zener

Palpitations increase upon my approach,
The glares and stares I know I'll soon broach.
As I enter the buzzing nanny park,
A new reality exposed and stark.
The hush of the whispers collectively hum,
"Is that a mother? From where did she come?"
The lone ranger I stand isolated in an unfriendly crowd,
Nanny secrets revealed from behind the mysterious shrowd.
Caregivers dressed well in Rock and Republic mixed with Juicy,
Boss ladies' closets are on display in front of me.
Standing at attention, each nanny quickly looking for their ward,
Hoping I do not see the kiddies standing around quite bored.
Or worse yet, running around recklessly sans supervision, 
If their bosses found out of nanny's incompetence, it to be met with derision.
Accutely aware of being watched, like 007 I'm a spy,
Their negligent babysitting will be caught by my watchful eye.
For prior to my daytime entry into the nannies' clubhouse,
Amok were children running from a kid waving a dead mouse.
Nannies off to the side huddled gossiping in their native tongue,
Nary a nursery rhyme being told, nor a kids' song sung.
Babes playing with discarded garbage, with it hitting each other,
A toddler atop another, with a blanket trying to smother.
Paid to parent while mother and father at work earning their keep,
Expected to care for these babes, not calling them mother-bleep!
Talk of cheating hubbies, which family is drowing in debt,
Plans for nannypalooza weekends are being set.
Comparing salaries, bonuses, and every little perk,
Doing everything else but for their paid work.
But like a hostage in a terrorist situation,
Women can't both mother and work full-time in a Western nation.
So when nannies are preferred to a daycare arrangement,
Parents for their choice judged awaiting arraignment.
This is not an endorsement for daycare replete with its own pitfalls,
Disease incubators, teachers outnumbered within four walls.
Thoughts pondered en route to my home unwired for a nanny-cam,
Denial, depression, bargaining, anger, and acceptance of this nanny scam.
Defeated, deflated yet keenly aware of my lack of choice,
A lesson to be learned through my satirical voice.
To not see, hear or speak of nanny evil, will give your mind rest,
Wearing rose coloured glasses to see nanny is what's best.
To avoid chagrin mamas, up this tree do not bark.
Rather, visit the playground only after dark.

© 2019. Naomi Elana Zener. All Rights Reserved.

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