Thursday, 23 July 2020


To a mother was born a most perfect child,
Whose eyes sparkled like diamonds and gave her rosy smiles.
With a single coo she made mommy's heart melt,
So she must dote on her daughter is how mama felt.
Her first pair of shoes of black patent leather,
Instantly made princess' outfits oh so much better.
Then came a red velvet dress all the way from France,
For in it her daughter would look so darling when they'd dance.
After the dress and shoes came the smartest trench,
To protect princess' ensemble from rain's wet drench.
But having worn her dress several times in a row,
Mama felt it was time for daughter's wardrobe to grow.
So home came more dresses, blouses and pants,
Despite daddy's cajoles that soon turned into rants.
She's but only a few months old how much clothing could she need?
Mama replied don't you realize she will grow at warp speed!
And while princess looks adorable in her new red sweater
Mama was convinced a pink one would look even better
Not willing to pass up a deal,
She bought three more in plum, orange and teal.
‘I will buy bigger sizes,’ mama thought to herself.
Into them princess will grow, she rationalized placing them on a shelf.
But when daddy came home and saw the mall in the closet,
The shopping must stop he cried out as he lost it!
Mama promised no more shopping bags will papa see,
Thankful he left and mama began to online shop promptly.
Princess could use more toys and books,
Daddy won't mind, he won't give the bill a second look.
But with storage disappearing and no place to hide,
Out in the open mama's purchases lay in plain sight.
Having reached his limit daddy took mama's plastic away!
Except she memorized the number for a rainy day.
The deliveries poured in daily with several knocks at the door,
Without realizing to her princess she'd become a huge bore.
Daughter sat in her crib staring at the art on the wall
With all the clothes to wear and nowhere to go at all.
Mama too busy to play with or read her stories,
The books and toys sat neatly looking quite sorry.
Fed up from neglect due to mama's spending spree,
“Mama,” she whined, “will you stop shopping please!”
Awoken from her retail mania haze
Mama saw that her child was wise beyond her days,
And from that moment forward mama shopped no more,
Except when she saw sales for fifty percent off at princess' favourite store!

© 2020 Naomi Elana Zener. All Rights Reserved.

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